Materials World Modules
Development of Materials World Modules (MWM) for UG Science is a work supported in part by the U. S.  Army Research Laboratory and the U.S. Army research Office under Contract W911NF0410052  . In 2004, UTEP and Morehouse College joined the MWM project to develop inquiry based curricula for science and non-science major students at freshman/junior level.

Ten Modules and Background Material have been developed:


  1. Safety on the Materials World Modules

  2. Biodegradable Materials

  3. Biosensors

  4. Ceramics

  5. Composites

  6. Concrete

  7. Food Packaging

  8. Polymers

  9. Smart Sensors

  10. Sports Materials

  11. PDVF Case Study

Background Material

  1. From Atoms to Molecules                              

  2. Physics

  3. The Quantum World

  4. Molecular Systems

  5. Absorbance

  6. Emission Spectroscopy

  7. Electronegativity, Interatomic/Intermolecular Forces

  8. Piezoelectric Effect

  9. Smart Sensors Based on Piezoelectric PVDF [PPT]

  10. Inorganic Chemistry in Materials Science

  11. Scanning Electron Microscopy

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